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Regardless of the size or duration, RUHS Foundation scholarships serve their intended purpose of recognizing the hard-work of recipients. Our goal is to honor them for listening to, learning from and showing respect to the adults in their lives; for taking advantage of extra-curricular activities; and for being actively engaged in their unique RUHS experiences. These students have successfully upheld the long-standing tradition of Riverside as a place of purposeful learning and high academic achievement. The scholarships are a small token of congratulations and celebration.

Current Funds

Babbitz Family Scholarship – Established by Dr, Alan Babbitz, a 1961 Riverside graduate and his family, to support graduating Riverside students pursuing a career in medicine or engineering. To date, this fund has provided $1,000 in scholarships.

Bette Cano Scholarship Fund – Established by the family of Bette Cano, a Milwaukee area community activist who fought hard for social justice, equality and opportunity for all. Bette’s three daughters are all graduates of Riverside High School.  Bette’s family and friends honor her memory with a scholarship to support the further education of a deserving Riverside graduate who shows the same commitment to community involvement and activism as did Bette. To date, this Fund has provided $4,000 in scholarships.

Board of Directors Scholarship Fund – This scholarship is funded by donations raised by the fifteen members of the Foundation Board of Directors. To date, it has provided $1,500 in scholarships.

Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund – Alumni from Riverside’s Class of 1961 established and funded these scholarships in 2015. To date, this scholarship has provided $6,000 in scholarships.

Class of 1970-74 Scholarship Fund – Alumni from Riverside’s Classes of 1970 through 1974, combine to organize fundraising efforts each year. To date, this scholarship has provided $2,500 in scholarship.

Class of 1991 Scholarship Fund – Alumni from the Class of 1991, donated $1,000 toward a scholarship from the proceeds of their 20th Reunion in 2011.

Drew/ Washabaugh Scholarship – Cathy Washabaugh, a retired RUHS journalism teacher, her husband Bill, Mike Drew, a local retired journalist and mentor to RUHS newspaper students, and his Alice, established this scholarship. It is awarded to students who have participated in the publication of Riverside’s school newspaper. To date, it has raised and distributed $56,600 in scholarships. Also, they have provided $11,326 for the purchase of new computer equipment for the School Newspaper classroom.

Ellen Hader Scholarship Fund – Established by colleagues and friends to honor a devoted art teacher who passed away in 2014. It provided a $500 scholarship to a deserving student in 2015 and has been funded by Ellen’s husband to provide an additional $1,000 for future scholarships.

Larry Leonard Scholarship – Several years ago, a scholarship fund was established in the name of Larry Leonard, a teacher, coach and administrator at Riverside who died in 2003. To date, this fund has provided $7,000 in scholarships.

In Memorium Scholarship Fund – Alumni who wish to honor a deceased classmate, teacher, coach or administrator have donated to this scholarship fund. To date, it has provided $600 in scholarships.

Rosenberg Scholarships – before his death in January 2005, Jack Rosenberg and his wife Lucy personally funded a total of $110,000 in scholarships for minority male students.

Foundation Scholarships – Since its inception, the Foundation has provided a total of $138,000 in the form of $500 or $1,000 scholarships.

Student Recognition

The Renaissance Program – provides incentives and rewards to deserving RUHS students for attendance, behavior, service to the school, and other non-academic related activities.  It is a long-standing Riverside program to which the RUHS Foundation has contributed more than $7,000 since its inception.

Closed Funds

The Bookstore Scholarship Fund – Originally established in 2008 by Riverside High School bookkeeper Lori Burgos, to honor a student who demonstrated a high degree of school service through volunteer work in the School Bookstore. $7,500 in scholarships were awarded to students from this fund. This fund is now closed.

The Computer Science Scholarship Fund – Scott Wisniewski graduated from Riverside in 1998. He established a Foundation Scholarship to reward one or more graduating Riverside students who demonstrated a considerable aptitude in computer science.  He funded this scholarship through a personal donation which was matched by his employer.  $8,000 in scholarships were awarded to students from this fund.  This fund is now closed.

The Joan Crisostomo Scholarship Fund – Before retiring, Ms. Crisostomo was the Director of Guidance Services at Riverside. In 2007, she combined her interest in running an annual marathon with her desire to assist Riverside graduates in attending college.  She funded her Foundation scholarship through tax-deductible pledges from Riverside staff, family, and friends. $7,700 in scholarships were awarded to students from this fund. This fund is now closed.

Kate Windorski Scholarship – was established in the name of Kate Windorski, a veteran Riverside vocal music teacher who died in April of 2005. Mrs. Windorski was an inspiration to her students and colleagues as she simultaneously helped to produce some of the finest annual musical productions in the history of RUHS. She did her job with passion while valiantly fighting various forms of cancer. $5,810 worth of scholarships were awarded to students from this fund.This fund is now closed.

The Quiles Brothers’ Scholarship Fund – Three Quiles brothers, all of whom attended Riverside, established a Foundation scholarship fund to honor what they describe as a “sibling legacy” where an older sibling attended Riverside and positively influenced a younger sibling’s experience at Riverside. Rudy (’90), Nick (’92) and Israel (’98) Quiles raise money for their scholarship fund through charity runs, and personal donations. $4500 in scholarships were awarded to students from this fund. This fund is now closed.