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Mission Statement

The Riverside University High School Foundation exist in order to:

  • Promote, encourage and support the maintenance of Riverside’s long history of academic excellence; and
  • Provide higher education grants to deserving students.


The Riverside University High School Foundation was formerly known as The Come Home To Riverside Foundation. Riverside High School alumni, philanthropist and owner and Chief Executive officer of the Wisconsin franchise for TeleCheck, Mr. Jack Rosenberg, and Mr. Elmer Winter, founder of Manpower, Inc. established the foundation in 1997.

Jack and Elmer recognized that the lack of funding for public schools was reaching a crisis state, resulting in a slow erosion of the quality of education at Riverside, which had been a hallmark of the school throughout its storied history.

The IRS categorizes The Riverside University High School Foundation as a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, which allows donors to make tax deductible contributions to the Foundation.

Funding Sources

The primary source of financing for The RUHS Foundation has been through individual contributions, solicited through the Foundation’s bi-annual direct mailings, to alumni and friends of the school. Also, many alumni have established scholarship funds within the Foundation’s family of such funds. The Foundation is currently investigating creating an endowment to provide a sustainable and consistent funding source.

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